Maxxion is a company which has transformed itself from a small outfit started 12 years ago into a bustling enterprise of 60 plus professionals.

We have several satisfied clients across the US, UK markets, who have year after year re-invested in new design operations in Maxxion and have significantly expanded existing teams.

Our vast portfolio of projects covers extensive work in the Internet and Intranet technologies, mission-critical web and n-tier enterprise applications. Maxxion's domain expertise spans across several business verticals like Travel and Tours, Net Tutoring, ITIL and Supply Chain.

Maxxion understands that in today's world, customers have a need to co-create value™ with their partners to create better business products with their industry experiences. We are constantly striving to develop interaction processes that let customers participate in designing their own value outcomes with us. We believe that the co-creation of customer experiences play a vital role in the design of our products.

We generate solutions that provide a fusion of business practices and technology strategies. Over the years, we have leveraged our capabilities in the global market to achieve an enviable list of clients and a phenomenal growth rate through IT innovation, dedicated teams and timely implementation of solutions. We have been retained by companies which are leading innovators in their domains. We achieve this by sharing their product vision right from the competitive pressures they face, to creating new products or adding new features to existing ones and bringing them to market faster.

Why Maxxion

The pre-requisites for developing Software products as compared to application development are high level thinking and product development process maturity. Our dedicated team of product engineers includes specialists who have experience in delivering several product life cycles. The value chain of experiences that enhance our products come from our interaction with the customer.

We believe that the need to co-create value™ is one of the best way in sustaining customer intimacy and that applies right from the design stage till the branding of our products.

We understand the competitiveness of your market and the needs of the buyers and end users. This gets translated into building products which give a superior experience to your customer.A consistent track record of repeat customers is a testimony to our remarkable quality, consistency and outstanding technological prowess.

Fixed time

Our clients have always experienced fast responses from product teams working for them. This is just one of the aspects which helps us offer better productivity

Fixed budgets

Our development methodologies are immensely mature; these allow us to provide our clients with a strong predictive road map to allocate right budgets with transparent pricing involved.

Variable requirements

We have won accolades from our clients for implementing a robust architecture and at the same time creating generalized designs that can easily handle changing requirements & future product evolutions.


Maxxion's management team is made up of committed, talented and focused individuals who epitomize the vibrant Maxxion work culture. They have a combined experience of 40+ years of working with multinational conglomerates in the USA. They have the vision and the expertise to enable Maxxion to achieve new paradigms of excellence in the software arena. Many of the senior management have been part of the pilot team, being with the company since inception.

The Maxxion technology management team with their broad experience and extremely high motivation levels deliver exceptional performance and generate great value for clients. They are responsible for propelling Maxxion onto an explosive growth trajectory.

Our Values

Maxxion was founded upon five values, which reflect the goals of the founders and the spirit of the company:

World class standards – in all that we do.

Fairness – amongst ourselves, with our employees, clients and partners.

Fun – we only have an average of 28,000 days on this planet. We better make it fun.

Profit – we strive for higher than average returns on invested capital.

Explicitness – clarity and openness in all our dealings – internal and external.