Launch a StartUp

Planning a StartUp and worried about how to get it going ?

The challenge to new entrepreneurship has always been the risks associated with the venture. These could vary from getting the right resources and getting the right agency to fund your idea. Also your time and technical knowledge sometimes act as a impediment in your path to greater success.

The market offers you sources where you can get that support to your idea in the form of funds and the set of people who are qualified to meet your requirements in translating your idea into software. But the inherent risks in calling up analyst consultants and programmers who are independent entities to act as your team is huge. Most of the time, the personal effort and money you spend on merging these procured resources to gel as a team is big enough to scare you away.

Maxxion has the expertise to ease your concerns about new startups who have a great idea but are wary of translating the bits and pieces into an web application product.

Maxxion has been in the web application business for more than a decade, taking up new ideas and translating them into products. Most of our products and applications started as small ventures which were nurtured by a product team so that they could develop into full scale applications. This experience is now available to you.

The Top 5 StartUps that we helped launch and sustain:

CentaurSystems Inc

If you speak to anyone in the travel and hospitality vertical, almost every other person seems to be interested in travel these days and the changing consumer behavior has put Centaur Systems Inc grow its software offering thereby helping tour operators to better engage their customers by providing cost effective solutions on the cloud.


Having the freedom to fab and jab and comment on any topic under the earth was what drove the JabFab executives into the social market. Jabfab is now codified to mean as an engaging micro-feedback platform, that transforms your voice-of-the-customer and employee programs, by helping you capture and act upon the micro_feedback. A responsible jab or a fab can make a difference in understanding customer perceptions and improve upon the existing processes.


When some executives found out what data pipelines and tweaking numbers can mean to increase sales in dealer networks across auto stores in the US, they wasted no time to churn out a fast spinning software that helped stores get in touch with their customers and increase their loyalty sales. It was also an eye opener as to what passive looking data collected from various partners can do when churned up to help on margins and enable improved selling.


One of the areas this team covered was to promote loyalty by ensuring that the customer was tracked on all interactions made with the client stores. There was a lot of potential to build a reward points system that ensured customers kept coming to the store for anything and everything that had to do with their car.


The focus with this team was to partner with industry domain users and help them with their delivery on objectives and plans using a complete project management styled on the Hoshin Kanri method. HoshinOnline aims to be a 100% On Demand solution that ultimately builds upon specific hoshin functions and leverage them to automate the complete planning cycle in enterprise organisations.

How do we go about it.

Get in touch with us to discuss the best way to translate your ideas into a product. Create a product plan whereby we work together with a set of people dedicated to your design/development approach.

Start Small and then Scale Later

Start your own Startup without foregoing of your current job. Leave it to us to manage your vision and ideas in us and see how you grow. Scale at your own pace or get venture capital later. We can build the building blocks in no time to set up a Proof of Concept Job for you to demonstrate your ideas to the investing world.