Technical Support

Maxxion provides 24x7 technical support services. Being a software development company, Maxxion has the best trained, experienced and industry certified engineers who work round the clock to provide technical support to our clients. Our customer care processes are customized specifically to our client needs and follow a structured process flow that provides the customer a seamless service. Maxxion has the experience of handling technical support for a wide range of customers.

We provide technical support at 3 levels. Depending upon the complexity of the support required, the level of support is determined. Enlisted below are the typical levels of support provided:

Level 1 : Basic how-to question with regards to productivity tools functionality:

Level 2 : Production tasks that require manual intervention (editing configuration files, modifying site components, correcting errors, etc.) Level 2 Vendor support staffs are assigned the appropriate level of access to the system to perform these tasks:

Level 3 : Application errors and bugs that require code modification for resolution. These issues are escalated to the product group once all other troubleshooting activities have failed to resolve the incident: